Abstract syntax trees on Javascript

Maybe one of the most interesting things I did the last year is learn how to modify/transform a bunch of Javascript code parsing it. How it works internally a minifier, parser or compressors is something not common to find information about it.

Improving a Maven flow with Node Tools

One of the big problems I had with @encuestame it was the time of deployment, now we have plenty of tools running in Node.js, but, how to run Node.js environment into Maven? Well, my best option was the frontend-maven-plugin (https://github.com/eirslett/frontend-maven-plugin). That plugin is able to run npm, bower and grunt task safely in your maven life cycle.

Running Test in Chromedriver + wd.js + Android Device

Setup the Environment

Using Karma in Webstorm


Karma (Testacular) is a powerful tool test runner and very easy to use, even more straightforward if we use Webstorm as IDE, the current article will explain how to use and configure Karma and improve your workflow.

Building and Install JIRA 5.0 with Maven Part 1

Part1. Build Process

After another installation of JIRA always I had issues to build JIRA, so, I’ll make a guide to how to resolve this commons issues.